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Hotel Reservations is already widely recognised as South Africa’s leading source for finding cheap flights, but it is less well known that we also provide our customers with the option of booking hotel accommodation too. Like our flights, we aim to offer the best possible deals so that you can save as much as possible when booking your trip. We have even made it really easy to do. Simply enter your destination along with the duration of your stay and your date of arrival and we will list all available accommodation choices which fit your needs.

We have some fantastic deals on hotel accommodation all over the world – not to mention the best hotels within South Africa for our domestic travellers. After all, even if you are only making a business trip or enjoying a short break you will still need somewhere to stay. Our hotel accommodation deals are of the best quality and offer a perfect addition to the flights you may already have booked with They are just one of various additional services we are happy to provide our customers in addition to cheap flights from South Africa.

At, our customers are very important and we want everyone who books with us to have a fantastic trip. That is why all of the hotels offered in our hotel booking engine are of the best quality. We choose only the most comfortable hotels with the best range of facilities. No matter what your budget is, we are confident that we have a good, clean hotel that you will be able to relax in. We know how important it is to have a comfortable home away from home, especially if you are travelling internationally and are looking for that convenient accommodation to relax in following a long haul flight.

Booking accommodation for any trip can be frustrating and tie consuming. At our aim is to change that. Our newly upgraded hotel booking engine is intuitive, fast and easy. Customers now have the option to refine their accommodation search by the quality rating of the hotel by choosing the desired star rating. So whether you are looking for a luxury hotel for a special weekend away or a quality budget hotel for an overnight business trip, you will be able to find it with a click of your mouse.

When it comes to finding quality hotel accommodation at bargain prices is your one stop shop.